A musical score full of delicious dishes

Music may be food for the soul, but there's always room for a truly tasty treat.
And that's exactly what the Resto offers, open daily.
After all, jazz and blues lovers are all night owls in some way or another. 
We serve suggestions created by our chef.


Mix of cheese
Bruschetta tomato
Gambas Italienne
Salom toast
Beef carpaccio


Pasta pesto
Penne asparagus-chicken-citron
Burger of the house
Steak pepper saus
Banava (stew with lam)
Gambas à l'italienne
Thie Bou Dienne
Salad goat cheese
Salad with scampi


Mangosorbet with mascarpone
Moelleux au chocolat


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Jazz Bar 27B flat
Sint-Jakobsstraat 15
8000 Brugge

E: tune-in@27bflat.be
Resto/Bar+32 479 29 74 29
Bands, DJ - +32 479 29 74 29

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