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21-04-2023 20:30

Andrea Boniolii Trio

AB Trio is an Italian formation from Rome led by drummer Andrea Bonioli with 3 CD to his credit. The Trio stands out for its ability to range between different musical genres, always declined with the jazz language, close to pop, rock, classical music, progressive..
Maximum attention to the melodic line that often evokes cinematic settings, then oneiric climaxes and tight rhythmic loops are mixed, masterfully proposed by all the elements of the Trio, with suggestive dynamic nuances and continuous contrapuntal exchanges.
The three musicians come from different musical backgrounds, they have also been playing together in other formations for 15 years now, and they are above all friends in life, and this is felt.
The AB Trio concert features original music by Andrea Bonioli taken from the 3 active CD so far, accompanied by Raf Ferrari on the piano and Andrea Colella on the double bass.
Limited number of places, please book!
Entrance: 12,- euros

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