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29-04-2023 20:30

Antoine Brochot Quartet

First album by double bassist Antoine Brochot, "Fundamentum" evokes the paradoxes of city life with the deep desire to reconnect with nature.
These different facets are expressed via a bubbling rhythm, but also meditative moments that invite you to enter into communion with the quartet. Crossed by multiple influences, from Ravel to the new New York scene, the music of Antoine Brochot invites you on a journey of varied colors and irresistible freedom.
The project caught the attention of TSF Jazz, Jazz News Magazine, The Walkers Magazine (Japan), FIP Radio. The group has performed at the Duc des Lombards, Sunset-Sunside, at the Chorus Jazz Club... It is also supported by the Art district Music label and the Pulse Foundation.
"An impeccable first album, with hard-hitting compositions and irresistible energy" Jean-Charles Doukhan - TSF Jazz
Teaser video:
Antoine Brochot: double bass, composition (Lausanne, Paris)
Baptiste Horcholle: tenor saxophone (Paris)
Wajdi Riani: piano (Brussels)
Oscar Georges: drums (Brussels)
Limited place, pleasemake a reservation!
Entrance: 15euros

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