28-02-2020 20:30


Archipélagos is a jazz progressive band born in Bruxelles in May 2019, inspired by some of the writings of the well known philosopher Zygmunt Bauman, with the aim of expressing some of the key notions of his thinking through music, as the liquidity of social relationships, the decadence of the concept of “society” as perceived nowadays, the almighty and unbridled individualism…
The mathematical and rhythmic rigor of the compositions, influenced by Indian music studies (Carnatic music), and emblem of that kind of “Matrix” highly organized society which oppresses and controls individuals, is contrasted with moments of radical free improvisation (which symbolize the individuals rising up against pre-established social schemes), and moments predominated by a marked individualism of one or more members of the band (solo sections), who might eventually find a shared way of communication through collective improvisation. Compositional solutions and refined sounds inspired by modern jazz, by contemporary classical music, by progressive-rock music, by Indian carnatic music, by electronic music and free jazz characterize the unique aesthetic of this international quartet, meeting point of different cultures and musical heritages.


Federico Calcagno: bass clarinet
Simon Groppe: piano
Ramon van Merkenstein: double bass
Francesca Remigi: drums, compositions

Entrance 5€

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