20-05-2016 20:30


Winner jazz contest Comblain­-la-­tour 2013

Bestiaal, a jazz trio built around composer and drummer Sebastiaan Vekeman, is a reflection of intimate jazz and imperfections. The way Vekeman composes does not allow for any presumption or conjecture. For him music is a continuous search.

Together with comrades Gommeren (bass) and Haghebaert (guitar) he explores a core of authenticity and profound humility, in all modesty for what they could reach out for: any art. Past all informalities, sometimes wandering around wisps of melody, sometimes scalding in rhythmic extravaganza and sometimes silenced in absolution…

One thing is clear: Bestiaal was born out of necessity, so the musicians could dissolve in a range of possibilities. They want to make contemporary music resound in a comprehensible transition of tones. Their music revolves around the world as they experience it.

Bestiaal, as something stripped from any meaning, rather like a warm glow, a pasteurisation of sounds, a past that is carried forth until the day they are heard.


  • Sebastiaan Vekeman ­- drums, composition
  • Jakob Haghebaert ­- guitar
  • Sebastiaan Gommeren ­- double bass

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