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10-02-2024 20:30

Cardboard Cabin

Warm, danceable folk music sounds from the remote cabin of Cardboard Cabin. Intimate moments alternate with heavy power folk. The repertoire includes self-written songs: classical ball dances, but experimentation is also not avoided. A sanctuary for anyone who wants to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of this busy world.
Cardboard Cabin consists of
Jeroen Werbrouck (Katla) on accordion,
Flor Delombaerde (Isabelle et les Jean) on double bass
Tim Orroi (Nitty Gritty, Cirqu'en Flêxe) on drums
Thomas Clerbout (Deya) on soprano sax.
After months of writing music, intensive rehearsals and recording, they are ready to let the world into their cabin.
In February 2023 they recorded their first CD, a collection of styles that the band brings together into one folky whole!
Limited places, please make a reservation!!!
Entrance: 15 euros

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