29-10-2021 20:30

CHI Quartet

CHI Quartet is an international piano quartet based in Rotterdam. Formed by Macau/HK pianist and composer SIU, Tin-Chi, Greek bassist Yiannis Vagianos (2019-2020), South African bassist Ildo Nandja (2022-), Dutch chromatic harmonica player Armand van Wijck (2019-2020), Saxophone player Loek van den Berg (2020-), drummer Django (2019-2020) and Bulgarian drummer Martin Hafizi (2020-)

Chi is a female pianist and composer born and raised in Hong Kong and Macau. She received her higher classical education at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, New York Manhattan School of Music, and Jazz in Rotterdam Conservatory (Codarts).

Given the multi-cultural background, Chi's musical styles range from classical and jazz to Scandinavian jazz. Her own compositions, which encapsulate her diverse musical influences: heart-melting classical melodies colored by the intricate jazz harmonies, Indian and European folk rhythm elements intertwine with skillful Jazz improvisation.

Chi is working on her first album which is the emblem of her long-standing fascination with the music of different worlds. Her music is simply embracing herself, go beyond any definition, and touch every soul with tenderness.
Limited number of places, please book.
Entrance 10€

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