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08-06-2024 20:30

Dirty 5

Vocals & guitar: Jan Bruynooghe
Guitar: Stefan Gulinck
Harmonica: Thomas Vandenabeele
Drum: Jean-Marc Gesquiere
Bass: Wolf Everaert
Dirty Five is a more than welcome band that is gradually making a name for itself in the Benelux live scene. Bluesy, Funky, Soulful, Rocking playing pleasure thunders from the stage into the room when Dirty5 unleashes his highly entertaining show with his own work and other compelling roots gems.
Their original, sparkling playlist draws on the many styles that lean against the Blues.
Dirty5 takes its mustard from the pre-war legends of yesteryear, from the 70s classics but just as much from slightly younger icons. Bass and drums whip up, peppy guitars and hoarse voice whisper, whine, grunt and roar,
the blues harp tears your soul apart.
Dirty5 live is an experience!
This quintet effortlessly sets any broad audience on fire and, with its tight ensemble playing and respect for the mother genre, it will appeal to many a purist heart and connoisseur's ear.
Limited number of places, please book.
Entrance 10 euro

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