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05-01-2024 20:30


Jasmien Geijsels (piano) and Pierre-Antoine (flugelhorn) met during their jazz studies at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels and, together with a former drummer, they formed a close trio, connecting instantly. In this period the foundation of Elsiris was laid and in 2020 they got selected for the semi-finals of the Jazz contest Mechelen. Two years later there was a shift with Élie Goulème taking over the drum seat. Again the chemistry between them was immediate. Words weren't necessary to convey and shape the musical ideas they were able to create instantly. In August 2022 they hit the studio to record their debut album with renowned pianist and composer Diederik Wissels as their producer.

About the music and musicians
Elsiris' repertoire primarily features original compositions by the band's founder and pianist, Jasmien. Her melancholic, sometimes fragile, melodies and skilful use of space and silence transport the listener through a captivating musical journey that transcends time. However, her sound can also be piercingly powerful when the moment calls for it. Pierre-Antoine Savoyat's warm sound on the flugelhorn in combination with his unique electronic effects create the most beautiful colours, soundscapes and depth. Élie Goulème's drumming complements the band's sound, offering subtle as well as solid and lively rhythms. Together they form a close-knit entity where improvisation can be playful as well as profound, resulting in a delicate and immersive experience.
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