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Francesca Murro & Band

Born in 1994, she was Assistant Professor of award-winning singer David Linx, professor of jazz singing at the Flemish Koninklijk Conservatory in Brussels from 2019 to 2021.
She began to study music, devoting herself first to modern singing, then to jazz singing, at the G. Martucci Conservatory in Salerno and under the tutelage of maestro Carlo Lomanto, a renowned Italian singer-composer and teacher, with whom she deepened the The study of the voice as a search for sound and as an instrument with infinite potential.
She graduated 110 cum laude in Jazz Singing from the Salerno Conservatory with a research thesis titled “Scat: Analysis and Research of Method.” The thesis is a treatise on jazz vocal improvisation, better defined as "Scat", which serves as a guide for a less experienced singer who wishes to approach jazz and improvisation, with exercises, history and music theory clues . In 2020, he specialized in jazz singing at the same conservatory with 110 cum laude.
Alongside her studies at the G.Martucci Conservatory in Salerno, she carries out intense musical activity with her quartet (Bruno Salicone piano, Francesco Galatro double bass, Stefano De Rosa drums), which leads her to perform in numerous festivals and exhibitions ( Jazz in Luce, Live Jazz Salerno, D'ascoli Jazz, Round Midnight, Moro Jazz Club - The voices Night- ect).
She participated in numerous seminars organized by Maria Pia De Vito, Susanna Stivali, Shawn Monteiro, Roberto Grisley, Stijepko Guut, and also deepened her knowledge of Overtone Singing and Sound Painting, a technique developed by Bobby McFerrin.
In 2016 she was chosen as Vocalist by Norma Winstone, leader of the European jazz tradition, with whom she will share the stage of the Teatrino Di Corte in Naples on October 5, 2016. In 2018, in New York she studied for 3 months with one of the greatest living jazz singers, Roberta Gambarini. With the latter, he undertook a profound journey on the body consciousness of the singer, on the interpretation and on the purest jazz singing, originating from the United States.
She then attended a seminar by Roberta Gambarini organized in Naples at the "Centro della Voce" and was invited to come on stage during the evening concert to share a piece with the artist.
Still in New York, she attended seminars with Marion Cowings, Christian Sands, Christian McBride and regularly took lessons with one of the greatest jazz pianists of all time: Barry Harris.
She deepens the technique of Estill Voice Training for modern singing.
She spreads notions of modern singing through her TikTok profile: @francescamurrovocalcoach
Finalist for the prestigious 2020 Massimo Urbani Prize.
Finalist in the international George Grigoriu prize broadcast on Romanian national television, he won the public prize and that of "best performance".
She has years of experience not only as a jazz and pop singing teacher, but also as a children's music teacher. She holds the CLIL certificate for teaching music in English and regularly organizes meetings with groups of children aged 5 to 13.
Thanks to her modern singing teacher Sabrina De Siena, she opened up to the world of musical comedy and theater by following with her seminars in diction and theatrical acting, combined with singing, and by participating in seminars with luminaries of the musical genre in Italy like Vittorio Matteucci.
She studied dubbing at the Silvia Pepitoni Dubbing Academy in Rome. She is the voice of the Grana Padano commercial currently broadcast on RAI.
She has organized events and collaborated on various festivals, including the Atina Jazz Fesival. Programming Director of Harlem Rhythms on Radio Booonzo 2014-2015
She has opened many celebrity concerts including Anna Tatangelo
She leads an intense musical activity in Brussels with her quartet (Armando Luongo, Wajdi Riahi and Jasen Weaver) and regularly organizes jazz singing workshops in local schools.
David Linx writes: "My name is David Linx: jazz singer, composer and professor at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels. I affirm that it is a pure joy to work with Francesca Murro, despite the difficult times. Her voice is a pure beauty and her musicality is exceptional. She is a pleasure to work with and fully deserves a place in the world of music and teaching."
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