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29-01-2023 20:30

Hoodoo Handshake (Roots Rhytm & Blues)

Under the name “The Southern Aces” they have accompanied American Soul&Roots singer Malford Milligan for the past 4 years.
Here's an impression:
They also accompanied the entire theater tour of Television Oracle Johan Derksen as a backing band. As a band they have successfully filled several blocks of the show in addition to the repertoire chosen by Johan Derksen. According to Derksen you are dealing here with the crème de la crème of the Dutch Roots musicians.
Now that these adventures have ended, they have continued under the name Hoodoo Handshake (Roots Rythm & blues).
The band is led by Roel Spanjers on piano and hammond organ.
Limited number of places, please book!
Entrance: 12,- euros

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