25-12-2021 20:30

Jan Debruijn Trio

Singer-guitarist Jan de Bruijn (Rijsbergen, 1958) has been playing from the head and from the heart for more than thirty-five years. Straight from the heart.
In the eighties it was The Crew, a very strong rhythm & blues formation with which Jan played a leading role in the international club circuit for many years. The band also regularly performs at major festivals and stages, such as the blues festival Peer(b)Jazzfestival Poitiers(Fr).Moulinblues Ospel etc.
The Crew still has many, loyal fans, received resounding critical acclaim, made two well-selling albums and a few singles.
At the end of the eighties, The Crew stops, at its peak. Jan starts writing more and more music himself and starts his own band; he names a select group of rock musicians after himself. The audience has to get used to the compact, hit-worthy songs that are close to pop rock. The Jan de Bruijn Band releases one single.
In the early 1990s he started The Gonnabee'z, again a combination of a select group of Dutch and Belgian pop musicians and again with his brother-in-law Pieter van Bogaert on the keys.
The Gonnabee'z mainly plays their own work – Jan's share is large. The songs are much heavier than everyone is used to from him up to that point. But especially in the ballads on the two albums of this group, Jan shows his true nature.
Over the years, Jan de Bruijn has developed into a performing artist who, like no other, harbors different talents and qualities: a good guitarist, an excellent singer and an unavoidable personality on stage. It is not for nothing that he has shared stages and studios with Johnny Copeland, Calvin Owens, Jerry McCain, Jo Lemaire, Peter Dictus, Bløf, Eddie C Campbell, The Uptown Horns, Kaz Lux, Oscar Benton, Kees Meerman, Kees Schipper, Raymond v/h Groenewoud, Stef Bos and many others.
In May 2013, the long-awaited CD “the long way home” will be released.
This album is described in the media and by colleagues as “the best thing Jan has made so far”
Another new road with a new sound !!
Jan De Bruijn Vocals/guitar
Pieter Doms Drums
Carlo VB Bass
entrance 15€

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