16-12-2023 20:30


Birch-Log Burning is a two-man band that takes you through the history of modern music.
With two acoustic guitars and their surprising vinyl collection, they combine live music with spicy anecdotes from the history of rock & roll.
Their interpretations of well-known and obscure classics are surprising every time.
In their latest performance JOKERMAN, the gentlemen delve deep into the repertoire of legend Bob Dylan.
Why did he win the Nobel Prize? Why is he called the greatest artist of the last hundred years?
And why is it that he continues to inspire musicians again and again?
Bob Dylan's voice is not appreciated by everyone.
But when Birch-Log Burning's guitars bring his repertoire to life you feel the power of the songs
and you are overcome with a warm nostalgia for the time of beatniks, protest singers and earlier rock & roll.
Limited places, please make a reservation!
Entrance: 15 euros

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