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01-11-2019 20:30

Kjetil Muledid Trio

Kjetil Mulelid Trio (NO) is an acoustic piano trio with musicians that are involved in some of Norways most interesting jazz bands as "Megalodon Collective" (Norwegian Grammy Award nomination 2016), "Hegge" (Norwegian Grammy Award nomination 2017), "Wako" and the "Trondheim Jazz Orchestra". "The music is simple, beautiful and well composed tunes which goes in and out of expressive improvisations" (Jazznytt, NO), and "the compositions reflects Mulelid's rich and melodic play" (Salt Peanuts*, IS). The triohave since 2016 toured most of West Europe and played concerts on some of Norways biggest jazz scenes, recorded some great live videos and released their debut album "Not Nearly Enough To Buy A House" which got honored world wide by critics: "It took me several listens to fully realise just how magical this album is" (Andy Hamilton, The Wire (UK).

Kjetil Mulelid - piano
Bjørn Marius Hegge - double bass
Andreas Winther - drums ..

Press about their music:
- ‘Not Nearly Enough To Buy A House’ is een bijzonder geslaagd debuut van een trio dat meerdere sterke troeven in de hand houdt: composities (alle van Mulelid) die bij elke beluistering nieuwe facetten laten glimmen, uitvoerders die elkaar feilloos aanvoelen en genereus ondersteunen. - Jazzhalo (BE)

- "Best of the year" - Jez Nelson Jazz FM, 2017 (UK)
- "The big news in jazz" - BBC Jazz Scotland (UK)
- "It took me several listens to fully realise just how magical this album is" - The Wire (UK)
- "Mulelid and his two equally young colleagues reveals timeless quality" - Baby Blaue (DE)
- "Mulelid leads his young trio in a program with a maturity that contradicts their age" - All About Jazz (US)
- "As pretty and elegant as something Bill Evans trio might have performed at the Vanguard” - Textura (CA)
- "This trio is really speaking with its own voice and they left me with huge hunger for more” - G-Point Audio (UK)
- "Wealth of motifs, exchanges and great interaction art without the maximumistical deviation of the tasteful" - Jazznytt (NO)
- "We must commend this outstanding trio for its original exploration of the possibilities of the trio" - Audiophile Audition (US)
- “These pieces contain moments of genuine beauty, a word not always closely associated with ‘free jazz’” - The Jazz Mann (UK)
- “The richness of harmony and energy makes the youthful curiosity to be presented twice as mature, and extremely intriguing.”- Laboratorium Muzycznych Fuzji (PL)


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