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08-03-2024 20:30

Les Sixties YéYé is live music & storytelling next level!

Rudolf Hecke, friend at home of Serge Gainsbourg & ses copains, reveals the secrets of the French hit parade! He introduces us, with great bravado, to the iconic pop genre of the 60s: Les Sixties YéYé! Wonderful, hilarious anecdotes and countless memories to the tune of an explosion of French hits, nostalgia and entertainment from ballroom to classroom, from Piaf to Polnareff, from Gainsbourg to Gall, Hardy on a Harley and Brigitte Bardot that made the ears glow... Rudolf gives it all to us.

Guitar and storytelling skills of Hecke, the sultry voice of Karen Boelaerts who unites chanson and YéYé and the icing on the Merveilleux: the 1000 hands, feet and lips of multi-instrumentalist Hilde Van Laere: this musical story, peppered with dark secrets and frivolous did you know, everyone must have heard and seen this!

Limited places, please make a reservation!!!

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