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01-03-2024 20:13

Mr Pinky Band

Mr.Pinky is a Brussels based jazz band, created in 2021.
The repertory of the band is made by own compositions from the band members, focused on modern, modal, groove and jazz fusion, from the different roots and cultures from the band members, that belong to Brussels, France, Spain and Italy.
Modern tendencies mixed into an eclectic and rich soundscape.
Flutist Eduardo Yagüez
Guitarist Ibon Perez
Bassist Yannick Heselle
Drummer John De Martino.
Ambiance assured!!!
Limited places, please make a reservation!!!
Entrance: 15 euros 
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Jazz Bar 27B flat
Sint-Jakobsstraat 15
8000 Brugge

Resto/Bar+32 492 20 09 33
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