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11-02-2022 20:30

Ozain Quartet

The Brussels double bassist Gaëtan Casteels thought it was time to have his own band and play his own compositions.
So here's the Ozain Quartet.
With Bruno Grollet (Bloom, Renaud Pirson Ursa Minor, VRT big band) on sax,
Nathan Surquin (Jazz Station big band, Jazz orchestra National Concertgebouw, Jazz orchestra Antwerp) on trombone and
Pierre Hurty (Fabrizio Cassol, Wajdi Riahi Trio, Brussels Philharmonie Orchestra) on drums.
Hey, no harmonic instrument? Neither piano nor guitar? "
Gaëtan Casteels admits it is a big challenge: we are really always naked. It's like balancing without a safety net, you have to be so much stronger. But I like that sound, rougher, rougher. "This instrumentation also offers many more possibilities to escape, to wander, to discover. Besides, when he wrote all the songs, Casteels admits that he leaves more and more room for improvisation: "I write a few notes to play around , for the musicians to fill in the gaps. "And it works. This album is cheerful, enthusiastic and full of color: the addition of sax and trombone to the rhythmic tapestry of bass and drums draws dizzying landscapes that inspire wonder. Even though the album is dedicated to the missing, those who have died .
Limited number of places, please book.
Entrance: 10 euros

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