30-11-2019 20:30

Pierre Marcus’ uarte

French musician and composer, Pierre Marcus, a double bassist, offers a powerful and subtle music, with beautiful and modern colors, mixing clarity and complexity. In order to give all the necessary dimension to their compositions and their power, they agree on three musicians with strong personalities, which on the contrary offers to be identifiable.
- Coup de coeur of La Strada newspaper - December 2014
- Winner of the Côte d'Azur Jazz Trophies - 2014 - Winner of the 2015 La Ruche Springboard
- Finalist of the Sunside Paris 2016 trophies
- Winner of the Tremplin Jazz Festival 2016
Pierre Marcus: CONTRABASS and COMPOSITIONS: www.pierre-marcus.com Baptiste Herbin: SAXOPHONE ALTO: www.baptisteherbin.com
Fred Perreard: PIANO: www.fredperreard.com
Thomas Delor: BATTERY: www.thomasdelor.com

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