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05-08-2023 20:30

Tango Jazz Quartet of Argentina

Toppers from Argentina, Piazolla is never far away!!!
The band mixes the melodic and rhythmic patterns of Tango with the harmonies and improvisation of Jazz. This results in a new concept of our music. This new approach of Tango and Jazz has received an enthusiastic reaction both in Argentina as well as internationally. Over the last few years, the band has managed to establish itself on the international music scene. As a consequence, TJQ has already made 27 international tours, soon the group will perform in 2022 the fourteenth tour of the old continent in August -September, they also made three tours of the United States, one through China-Hong Kong, one through Russia- Siberia, three tours in Africa and five tours in Brazil. On the last tour of Brazil, TJQ presented his concert for quartet and Symphony Orchestra with great success.
Limited number of places, please book.
Entrance: 15,- euros

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