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Dario Trapani

Dario Trapani (1987) Guitarist, composer and arranger, he graduated with honors at the bachelor jazz course at Milan Conservatory. Playing both as a leader and as a sideman, he's been one of the working musicians in the Italian Jazz and alternative scenes untill fall 2014, date in which he moved to Amsterdam to attend the jazz master at the CvA.

He performed and recorded both in the traditional and experimental jazz environments, and he has led bands of his own. He's a founding members of Honolulu Records, independent record label based in Italy which released UGLY BEAUTY, the first release of Collettivo T. Monk, a tentet dedicated to T.S. Monk, in which he works as a leader and arranger.

In the last 4 years he collaborated a.o. with T. Berne, P. Dalla Porta, M. Ottolini, B. Birgisson (Sigur Ros), C. Sudhalter, M. Schilders, A. Dulbecco, F. Lento, S. Mateen, R. Ciammarughi, A. Succi, M. Furian, A. Tafuri, G. Falzone, Tino Tracanna, DJ Phra (Crookers), G.

Bombardieri playing live in festivals and clubs such as Umbria Jazz, Tones on the stones, Nuoro Jazz, Bimhuis.

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