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In Trio Music

In Trio is an young upcoming international jazz piano trio based in Rotterdam, with the pianist also being the vocalist. Exploring the music of different cultures, In Trio blends jazz with traditional music from Asia and Balkan. Pianist and composer YingYing Su is exploring the boundaries of jazz with her own folklore as well as the Bulgarian rhythms, that she found passion for while studying in Rotterdam. �
In Trio has a diverse repertoire of original compositions, inspired by the surrounding environments, adding a contemporary flavour to the music of nowadays folk, taking the listener for a sound journey around the globe.

Quote from Erasmus Jazz price (Netherlands)
- Mooie donkere sound, originele pakkende composities
(Beautiful dark sound, original catchy compositions)

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Jazz Bar 27B flat
Sint-Jakobsstraat 15
8000 Brugge

E: tune-in@27bflat.be
Resto/Bar+32 479 29 74 29
Bands, DJ - +32 479 29 74 29

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