27-09-2019 20:30

Teis Semey quintet

Teis Semey (1993) was born in Denmark and found his interest in music at the age of 7. After shuffling between playing piano and playing guitar, he settled on guitar. Moving to Sweden in 2007, he started studying music in a specialised programme for young jazz talents in the city Malmö. After a brief year in Stockholm, studying classical composition, classical piano and jazz guitar, he moved to Amsterdam, getting a bachelors and masters degree in jazz guitar.
While in Amsterdam and Los Angeles, Teis got the opportunity to mark himself as a strong and prolific musician, performing alongside musicians such as David Binney, Joshua Redman, New Rotterdam Jazz Orchestra, Ben van Gelder, Joris Roelofs and Reinier Baas.
Teis has released 1 CD as a band leader; “Where The Fence is the Highest” (2019, TRPTK) as well as “Pull a String, a Puppet Moves” with PULL (2015, Loumi Records) and “Rotterdam Suite” by The New Rotterdam Jazz Orchestra (2019).
Teis has performed in world class venues such as Blue Whale (Los Angeles) and Bimhuis (Netherlands). Next to being an eclectic sideman, Teis has won the first prize in the Princess Cristina Jazz Concours and won the Best Coltrane Arrangement Prize in Keep An Eye Jazz Awards 2017.
Teis is an active musical force on the European scene, having recently performed in France, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Scotland and more.
Teis is ambitious and honest in music. He takes grand concepts, deconstructs them, pulls them down to earth and presents them to the listener, imbued with a sense of profoundness and immediacy.
- Mark Werlin, AllAboutJazz "An absolutely daring and striking debut of a modest but thorough guitarist.” - Erno Elsinga, Jazzenzo
"An ambitious work that crosses musical and cultural boundaries, Where the Fence is
Highest heralds the arrival of a gifted composer-guitarist.”�

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