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06-05-2016 20:30


Travellin’Brothers (Spain) Winner European Blues Challenge 2015.

Magnolia Route was the first road ever to be paved which would link Chicago and Gulfport, on the Mississippi coast, two cities that had only been connected by railway. This happened in 1927.

Throughout history, the greatest bluesmen and the finest blues bands have always kept a close-knit relationship to river banks and deltas. Travellin’Brothers are no exception. Formed at the end of 2003 in Leioa, a town in the Basque county of Bizkaia, near Bilbao river, they are very much inspired by the Nervión river and its industrial character.

The travelin’ have formed themselves over the years. They are six friends, six brothers and their affinity is one of their great virtues. Something one can easily feel when they are on stage. The Travellin’Brothers have been touring non-stop for ten years, always on the rise, always committed to self-improvement. Seven albums and more than 700 concerts are a good proof of that.

In 2015 the band got a big international boost by winning the European Blues Challenge in Brussels. Everyone who was there at the finals knew within 10 seconds after the band started…….this is something very special. The justified winner. Since then the band played every major blues festival in Europe and in between tours they even managed to record their last Cd. “One Day in Norway”.

Live the band delivers the best live show you will have seen in a long time.

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