23-11-2018 20:30

Arthur Possing Quartet

Arthur Possing is a young luxembourgish pianist. Born in 1996, he started with classical piano at the age of 10, now in the class of well-known pianist Jean Muller. In 2009, he began jazz piano with Marc Mangen and in 2011, vibraphone with Guy Cabay.
The Arthur Possing Quartet was formed in 2013. The members of the group met in school (music section) and soon started to play together regularly. They now are all students of the Royal Conservatory of Brussels and the Conservatoire de la Ville de Luxembourg.
Their repertoire consists of own compositions, as well as tunes of jazzmen they really appreciate.
The quartet plays modern jazz, with influences from all different kinds of genres, without forgetting the tradition.

The musicians are:
Arthur Possing-Piano
Pierre Cocq-Amann-Saxophones
Sebastian "Schlapbe" Flach-Double Bass
Pit Huberty-Drums

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