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26-01-2017 20:30

Honolulu Orchestra

Honolulu Orchestra is a collective band that features all the founding members of Honolulu Records, an independent record label born in2014 in Milan after an idea of nine Italian musicians now spread in four different European countries (Italy, Netherlands, Belgium and UK).
The band offers a new repertoire every year that features nine original compositions, one from each member, written and arranged specifically for this ensemble.
The semi-casual line up is as asymmetrical as original: three guitars, two drums, piano, double bass, saxophone and voice.
The compositions are performed as a semi-improvised suite without any interruption and are accompanied with a video projected on the back of the stage created specifically for the occasion.

Marcella Malacrida – voice
Nicolò Ricci – tenor saxophone
Dario Trapani – guitar
Michele Caiati – guitar
Marco Giongrandi – guitar
Giovanni Agosti – piano
Marco Rottoli – double bass
Riccardo Chiaberta – drums
Alessandro Rossi – drums

All the nine members of Honolulu Orchestra are leaders of other bands as well and have been always active in the creative and improvised music field, sharing a specific aesthetic rooted in the contemporary scene and respectful of the past which tries to unite jazz and improvised music, classical and easy-listening influences with a free and creative approach.
Honolulu Orchestra is also the musical manifest of the label itself and carries his artistic message: the need of a collective auto-production which is not money oriented and that can help the artists in realizing their music, lowering the printing costs with the simultaneous help of a group of people.

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