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Jamal Thomas & Boogie Friends

Jamal Thomas, born and raised in Macon, Georgia, is the second of six children. Jamal grew up as a musically inclined child, teaching himself to drum and sing at an early age. 

His very first gig was with Bobby Witlock (Derek and the Dominos, Eric Clapton). 

Throughout highschool he played drums for the school's marching band. Upon leaving highschool at age 18 Jamal Thomas formed his own band, known as The Planets. An 11-piece funk band in which he drummed and tried his hand at background singing. The Planets were fortunate enough to catch a break with the legendary R'n'B singer Joe Simons, who's hit list consists of more than fifty singles, including Drowning in the sea of love, Get down on the floor and Music in my bones. 

After extensively touring around the world with Joe Simons, Jamal Thomas went on to become a much sought after studio drummer. Becoming a regular session musician at the Capricorn Recording Studio back in Macon Georgia, where top names such as Otis Redding and the Allman Brothers turned out their first hits. 

Thereafter, he joined the rock 'n roll band Black Oak Arkansas. 

Eventually Jamal Thomas made other magical music hookups with the likes of the SOS Band in the US, Sandrine in Belgium, and till 2011, he toured throughout the world with Maceo Parker. 
Whilst performing twenty years as the drummer of the Maceo Parker Band, Jamal took a step into the vocal arena and decided to place his musical attention towards producing his first album 'Family' and exposing his gift of singing to the world. 

In 2009 Jamal Thomas came across the young talented drummer Alex Bernath. They decided to collaborate and form the Jamal Thomas Band. In 2013, their debut album 'Future' was be released. 

Jamal Thomas. Drum & vocals
Filip Ketel. Toetsen & vocals
Philippe Kanza. Bas

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