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16-06-2023 20:30

Marco Ullstein Quintet

The Marco Ullstein Quintet skillfully blends jazz tradition with contemporary elements through the unique instrumentation of vibraphone, tenor saxophone, guitar, bass and drums. Led by the vibraphonist and composer, Marco Ullstein, the quintet’s music is characterized by its melodic and thoughtfully arranged compositions that create a recognizable blend of instrumental voices. By changing the roles of the instruments throughout each piece, a variety of sounds and catchy passages are created that showcase the exceptional musicianship as an ensemble and of each member as a soloist.
Inspired by jazz greats like Brian Blade, Gary Burton, Chick Corea and others, their unique sound features a mix of even eights and swing elements, as well as Marco’s classical music background. All members of the band are seasoned jazz musicians who are either currently studying or have studied at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague, where they have developed a strong connection both musically and personally over the years. This synergy allows the quintet to achieve a tight, nuanced sound that blends traditional and modern jazz elements.
In March 2023 the quintet was awarded the first prize of the Grachten Festival Jazz Competition in Amsterdam and will be on tour in the Netherlands in summer 2023.
Marco Ullstein – Vibraphone
Pietro Mirabassi – Sax
Emiliano Roca – Guitar
Arjun Ramdas – Bass
Francesco V. Parsi – Drums
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