22-12-2023 20:30

Mercier/Mathijs Quartet

Maël Mercier (Brussels, BE) grew up with a jazz saxophonist as a father. He remembers nights he spent trying to fall asleep in the touring minibus, straining his ears to listen to concerts outdoors in the south of France.
At the age of twelve, he immersed himself in musical humanities at the famous Kunsthumaniora in Brussels. There, he meets his peers and can finally develop his passion for jazz. Maël already obtained his secondary school diploma at the age of sixteen and graduated from the conservatory of Brussels at the age of 18. At the moment he is doing his master studies at the internationally renowned conservatory of Basel.
Rutger Mathys (Ghent, BE) is obsessed with creation. At the secondary art school MUDA, he discovered his love for the chromatic harmonica. The moment this curious little instrument touched his lips, he knew that this is what he was ment to do: creating beauty through music and harmonica. It turned out to be true. In 2022 he won the "Toots Challenge", organized to celebrate the 100th birthday of his hero and inspiration Toots Thielemans.
He now studies this instrument at the jazz master department of the Codarts Conservatory in Rotterdam. Rutger plays in several bands, all in different styles: funk, jazz, Brazilian, latin, tango,... He plays both within the boarders of music and beyond and most of all: across them!
Maël and Rutger met in April 2022. However, when they played together for the first time it seemed as if they had been doing that for years. In fact, it was as if they had known each other for years. Their music takes them on a journey through their favorite landscapes: jazz and beautiful songs. They never know in advance where they will end up and by which means. These two young friends search each other in their music and by doing so, find the ultimate freedom.
In this quartet, they are joined on their trip by Toon Rumen on bass and the Portugese drummer Gabriel Moraes.
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