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10-06-2022 20:30

Nathan Surquin Trio

Nathan Surquin trio is a brand new project that came to his mind while he was in the last year of his studies and since then he has not stopped working on it to make it concrete.
The essence of the band started in Rotterdam. In this city, Nathan experienced a new type of music based on his master research about modern harmony. He wanted to explore a new sound which is a mix between the music of Avishai Cohen and Marshall Gilkes. In order to explore this music in a real context, he decided to lead his own band with some musicians who studied with him. The first line-up was with Edoardo Liberati on Guitar, Marijn van de Ven on double bass and Denis Baeten on drums. Together, they explored Nathan’s universe and brought his music to life.
In the last year, during this calm period that we’ve been through, Nathan went back to Brussels and took time to compose new compositions for a new line-up. He replaced the guitar by a piano and decided to invite some Brussels based musicians. This line-up is composed by Wajdi Riahi on piano, Federico Stocchi on double bass and Denis Baeten on drums.
Together, they are creating music that will take you on a trip between lyricism, melancholy and modernism.
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