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24-11-2023 20:30

Piet Verbist Quartet

Bart Borremans delivers a deep warm sound with a lot of soul that goes back to the swing tradition, but exploring contemporary jazz styles with finesse and energy.
On piano I’m pleased (again) to have the great Milan Verbist with whom I’m sharing a lot of music.
And I can’t get enough of it! He’s the one to keep an eye on, always going for an extra.
I’m very honored to have one of the greatest Belgian musicians in the band whom I know as a very good friend since many many years: the incredible drummer Dré Pallemaerts, who played with lot’s of great and famous jazz musicians from all around the globe. Off course he is very in demand and is not always available, but I’m very happy that in case Dré can’t make it Wim Eggermont takes his chair with a flair that makes the band fly. Both of them appear on the CD “Suite Réunion”.
The line-up of the Piet Verbist Quartet exists of the following musicians:
Bart Borremans: tenor sax
Milan Verbist : piano
Piet Verbist: double bass and compositions
Dré Pallemaerts or Wim Eggermont: drums
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