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Raf Ferrari Quartet

Raf Ferrari piano and compositions
Vito Stano cello
Claudio Sbrolli drums
Andrea Colella d.bass
Raf Ferrari is a jazz-rock pianist who "thinks" like a classical composer.
His musical universe is lyrical and inspired, elegant and sophisticated, made of contrasts and dualities through an original mix of melody, rhythm and improvisation.
He performed with his quartet in important live gigs as the concert at Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome and he recorded with the great clarinet player Gabriele Mirabassi.
In January 2013 the quartet was awarded by the editors of the Italian jazz magazine JAZZIT: on the occasion of JAZZIT AWARDS, “Venere e Marte” was ranked among the 100 best albums of 2012. The project also ranked ninth in the Top Rated Album Charts by readers.
The quartet has recently been mentioned in the Dictionary of Jazz Italian; Flavio Caprera have entered Raf Ferrari among the musicians most representative of our national jazz.
He recently started a series of concerts abroad which was followed by the important recording collaboration with the Norwegian label Losen Records. His latest album "Quattro" (LOSEN) pushed him to the stages of Norway, Sweden, Germany and Denmark.
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