08-10-2021 20:30

Ramon van Merkenstein Trio

When the Ramon van Merkenstein Trio takes the stage, they make musical magic happen.
Ramon is center stage and proudly reveals his creativity for composing and arranging. His band members demonstrate their superb musicianship by grooving rhythmically, adding colors and embellishing melodies. Together, the band’s interplay is coherent, cool and inventive.
The trio conveys their love for performing jazz music and adores connecting with their audience. These are jazz players who can make their music dance deviously or swell like ocean waves.
The Ramon van Merkenstein Trio takes command of their music and they take it on a journey. Adventurous, with creative freedom and beyond what’s comfortable.
Simply stated, it’s musical magic that happens on stage.
Ramon van Merkenstein
double bass, compositions
Gabriele di Franco guitar
Lieven Venken drums
Beperkt aantal plaatsen, gelieve te reserveren.
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