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Sebastian Piovesan

TRAVELLING NOTES Sebastian Piovesan

“Travelling Notes” tells the story of a journey that led me to live in Estonia, Belgium and France, having unfor- gettable experiences, rich in emotions that I try to express through sounds, melodies and harmonies.
The results are Travel notes or “Notes on the go”, narrated as stories, tunes and compositions written and played while I was exploring these places.
Every journey begins with a certain sense of disorientation, everything is new but it will soon feel familiar (Disoriented Breeze).
Sometimes, darkness and nighttime, silence and tranquillity, moments spent gazing at the sky stir memories of a distant home (Evenings).
Other times, nice surprises and pleasant, unexpected encounters (Whillip) produce impressions and emo- tions that we collect and we bring timeless inside us (Aeonian).
It is like wandering around something mysterious that attracts us (Around a Round Trip), as if we were un- knowingly pushed by an inner instinct which will always accompany us (Funky Feeling).
Finally, unknown place become home: we wouldn’t want to leave it, but in our heart we know we will live there again (Näeme jälle).
My wish is that this story is just the prologue of a longer narrative yet to be written. 
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Sebastian Piovesan : bass, compositions and arrangments 
Francesco De Luisa : piano
Giorgio Giacobbi : tenor and soprano sax
Francesco Ivone : trompet
Camilla Collet : drums

Sebastian Piovesan
I am a musician and music teacher from Italy, graduated with MA degree in Jazz at the Conservatoire G. Tartini in Trieste.
I have a background in classical piano and in 2001 I started to study the bass guitar. In 2008 I enrolled in the three years Higher Education in Jazz at the Conservatory G. Tartini in Trieste where I graduated in March 2012.
After graduation I continued my course of studies with MA Degree in Jazz at the same academy where I graduated in September 2015.
In these years I was able to study under the guidance of relevant musicians and teachers like Giovanni Maier, Marc Abrams, Klaus Gesing, Glauco Venier, Matteo Alfonso and masters arrangement and composers Stefano Bellon and Alberto Mandarini.
Winner of two scholarships I had the chance to move rst to Tallinn (Estonia) where I could further study at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, and later in Leuven (Belgium) where I taught, collaborated and performed in the jazz department at the LUCA the School of Arts - Campus Lemmens Leuven for the 2015-2016 academic year.
Relevant is my dedication to the composition and the arrangement also developed thanks to the “Tartini Big Band” directed by Klaus Gesing, which I joined in 2012 as a bass player but also as a composer and ar- ranger of several tunes.
Over the years I collected numerous performances with various ensembles in Italy but also in the internation- al arena, among which the Pat Metheny Ensemble Group directed by Peter Hertmans.
I performed in different places among which Italy, France, Estonia and Belgium, collaborating with renowned Italian musicians, and playing in Jazz festivals such as Leuven Jazz (Belgio), EESTI Jazz (Estonia), Trieste Love Jazz, FVG International Music Meeting 2014, Meeting 2014 Pop and Jazz Platform (AEC), Il Carso in Corso 2014, Nei Suoni dei Luoghi - International music festival 2011/2012/2013, UMBRIA JAZZ 2013, Mit- telfest 2013 - Mitteleuropa festival, Le nuove rotte del Jazz - IX, X, XI editions.
I also gained experience in the recording studio and in 2018 there will be the release of my debut album as a leader for Dodicilune Label Records (http://www.dodiciluneshop.it/).
Sebastian Piovesan - +39 3334719706 - piovesansebastian@gmail.com -www.sebastianpiovesan.com

Sebastian Piovesan - +39 3334719706 - piovesansebastian@gmail.com -www.sebastianpiovesan.com

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